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Use your home address to find your catchment school with School Locator and School Boundaries Map tools.

Student Enrolment Form

Registration for your neighbourhood school is based on catchment boundaries. If you are unsure where to register, enter your physical address in School Locator contact the School Board Office at 250-374-0679.


All procedures for the collection and storing of kindergarten registration information by District employees follows the provisions set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Read more here.

Other Registrations

For families with older students wishing to explore registration in a School of Choice, or for those who are new to the school district, contact the school directly to register your child. 

Please refer to  School District No. 73 Administrative Procedure 305 School Boundaries and Student Transfer Requests and Administrative Procedure 306 Schools of Choice, French Immersion, and Academies for clarification regarding school boundaries and enrolment in Schools of Choice, French Immersion, or Academies.

If your child is currently enroled in their catchment school and you wish to apply for a transfer to another school, please fill out a Student Transfer Request.

If you are unsure about which school to register in, contact the School Board Office at 250-374-0679.

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