Becoming a Host Family

Our international students come to Kamloops to immerse themselves into our culture by living with a host family and attending one of our local high schools.

Becoming a host family is an experience unlike any other for all members of the family. As a homestay provider you will have the opportunity to meet international students, connect with other homestay families, and learn and appreciate the differences and similarities of other cultures to our own.

Students living in your home will have the chance for total cultural immersion. Giving them the opportunity to gain deeper insight into local everyday life, understanding and using common Canadian expressions, and returning home with an experience they will cherish for years to come.

Host Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Provide a private bedroom with a bed, desk, dresser, lamp, internet access and access to a bathroom.
  • Provide 3 healthy meals a day plus nutritious snacks.
  • Assist with acquiring student bus passes and cell phone services at the student's cost.
  • Familiarize student with your home and expectations regarding laundry, meals and bedroom/bathroom adequate.
  • Meet student at the airport on arrival and drop off on departure.
  • Engage in your student's Canadian live, include them in family activities/outings and be aware of their whereabouts.
  • Have open communication with your student.

These students are your children while they are here, it is important that you help make their stay enjoyable and safe. If you ever have questions or concerns, please let us know immediately.

This program is a ZERO tolerance program, students who engage in drugs, alcohol, smoking (regular or vapor), driving or any other illegal activities while here can have their study halted and be returned home. If you suspect your student is engaging in inappropriate behaviour, please let the office know immediately so we can investigate and keep a closer eye on your student.

If you are interested in becoming a homestay family, please review the Homestay Agreement. [Insert Homestay Agreement Appendix A]

About Homestay Students

Students enter the Homestay Program from all around the world and range in age from 13-18 years old, males and females.

It is essential for homestay families to remember that students come to Canada with fears and habits from their home country and it may take some time for them to adjust to Canadian culture. It is important to help your student adapt to these changes to make the overall experience an enjoyable one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose to have a female or male student only?

Yes, we encourage host families to match up their children to same gender students if there are any concerns.

When do students arrive?

Typically students will arrive in July, late August or late January.

What if the student damages something in our home?

Typically the student is responsible for damage however everyday wear and tear is not considered damage. We would help mediate to resolve the problem.

Is it okay to host boys and girls in the same house?

No, please avoid hosting different gender students in the same house.

Can we take our student camping or on vacation?


If your student asked to go on a trip with another family, they would be required to complete the Homestay Agreement Form Appendix B which can be found on the How to Apply page under Forms.

Am I required to pay for extra-curricular activities for my student?

No, your student is responsible to pay for any fees associated with being part of a team or club as well as any membership fees and spending money for evening/weekend activities.

My student is requesting that we buy specific foods/specialty foods. What are our responsibilities?

If a student is asking for more/different meal plans then what you family typically provides, it is suggested that you take your student shopping so they can purchase these food ideas for themselves.

Can I ask my student to help around the house?

It is okay to request them to keep their bedroom clean, change their sheets, put out their garbage, do their laundry and keep the bathroom they use clean.

You may invite your student to help with preparing meals, setting/unsetting the table and assist with loading the dishwasher but do not force this on them. Some students are very timid and have never done these type of chores before so it may feel awkward. Always take baby steps.

Should we be making sure our student does their homework and set up teacher appointments?

Students should be able to manage their course load themselves. You can ask if they have homework and need any help.

Setting up teacher appointments is not necessary unless your student request this.

My student has become withdrawn and is only spending time with friends or in their bedroom. What should we do?

This could be for a few different reasons:

  • They may not be adjusting to the food provided in your home - try asking them what food they like to eat and see if you can implement some basics into your menu.
  • They may be feeling homesick – try to include them in more of your daily routine but do not force them.
  • They may be worried they have made you angry or upset – try to understand that they may be struggling to adjust.

If you think there could be other issues/factors for the behaviour, please contact the office via email so we can address the concern.

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