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About Clearwater

Clearwater is a small community of about 2,300 people located a little over 124 kilometres north of Kamloops. About 240 students attend grades 8 - 12 at the Clearwater Secondary School (CSS).

CSS offers a full range of academic, arts and sports programs, see Course Selection Booklet: 2024-2025. It also offers applied design, and technologies programs, and students can access extra-curricular programs and clubs including soccer, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, and golf. After-school and evening recreation programs are provided in partnership with the District of Clearwater including dry-land training, life coaching, yoga, high intensity interval training, and drama. The school's student council and student council executive act as junior counsellors for the local city council, and will sometimes propose new bylaws and work with council on community projects. 

Students will be able to experience the rural lifestyle during field trips and on their own time. They will also be able to enjoy the lake in the centre of town, not far from the school, for swimming, paddling and fishing.

Clearwater is close to Wells Gray Park  and has its own community-run ski hill, a network of cross-country ski trails, and over 20 kilometres of mountain bike trails. 

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Student and Staff Population Summary:

Total Population: 240  |  International Students: 1-3  |  Administrators: 2  |  Teachers: 16  |  Support Staff: 4



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