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School District No. 73 is Seeking Homestay Families

Families living in the Kamloops-Thompson region understand the benefits of attending the public school system here. We know it is an experience and an opportunity that many families around the world want for their children. The program is currently seeking Homestay Families in Kamloops (especially in the Valleyview, Juniper, Dallas, and Sun Rivers areas) and Clearwater. 

"This District is considered a leader in the province, and British Columbia is recognized as one of the world leaders in English, Math, and Science. Young people from around the world are interested in studying in Kamloops. We are looking for Homestay families for the next school year. Hosting an international student is a wonderful experience and a great way to expand your family's horizons and see your surroundings with a fresh perspective."

- Bill Hamblett, Assistant Superintendent - Secondary 

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Benefits of becoming a Homestay Family

If you become a homestay family, you will be helping a student from another country while they attend school.

School District No. 73 compensates families at a rate of $1,200 per month, per student. That is $6,000 per semester and $12,000 per school year. Families may host multiple students if they wish. 

Your duties as a host family will include providing a private room for each student, having regular meals with your student, assisting with school start-up routines and providing guidance and support while the student studies in Kamloops or in Clearwater.

Who is eligible?

Families from all parts of the city are eligible for hosting, and there is a great need for host families across Kamloops. There is also a need for Homestay Families in Clearwater.

“The experience of hosting an international student can be an important one in the life of a Homestay family,” said Kent Brewer, District Principal, International Student Program. “It creates great memories, offers new ways to learn about different cultures, and forges lifelong friendships and bonds.”

COVID-19 protocols and procedures are in place for this program.

How to become a Homestay Family

If you are interested in hosting one or more international students during the upcoming school year or if you know a friend or family member who may wish to register as a host family, please contact our Homestay Manager, Alice Lamb.

How it works

Our quality homestay program is a very important part of what we offer in Kamloops. We are proud of our diverse data base of Canadian families excited to take International students.

Our experienced homestay team works hard to match families with students of similar interests. Students are placed as close to the attending school as possible, often within walking distance or in an area served by a school or transit bus.

We work as a team to make the best placement, to manage the homestay experience with careful attention to detail, and to focus on making the Kamloops-Thompson School District one of the most positive choices for international students.

Host a Student

We are always seeking enthusiastic, outgoing families to join our international program. You will be a great fit for this program if:

  • You have an extra private bedroom in a clean and tidy home
  • Everyone over 19 years of age submits to a criminal record check
  • English is the primary language spoken in your home
  • You have the time and energy required to welcome a new member to your family and lives
  • You have a cell phone, a valid drivers license and a vehicle
  • You have a computer/laptop, printer/scanner or easy access to these devices; and there is ample internet service in your home 

If you are interested, please contact Homestay.



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