How can we become a host family?

Please fill out an application form and return it to our office. The ISP (International Student Program) will contact you by email once your application has been approved.

What is the process to be approved to host an International Student?

After the application, home visit and Criminal Record Checks are successfully completed you will be eligible to host students as coordinated by the Homestay Manager. 


Criteria for Homestay consideration:

  • A valid drivers licence and vehicle.
  • A clean and tidy single family home.
  • One bathroom homes are subject to consideration; 2 or more bathrooms are preferred.
  • Near bus services or walking distance to school. (Homes near bus services but over 30 min bus ride are subject to consideration).
  • Rural homes may be considered.
  • Foster homes or homes caring for several people are subject to consideration.


Selected homestays are required to provide students with the following:

  • Three meals a day and snacks.
  • A private bedroom with a closet, door, window, desk, bed, lamp and dresser.
  • Internet access and use.
  • Airport pick up and drop off.
  • Occasional transportation as required by student.
  • Overseeing students at home after school hours.
  • A warm and welcoming, primarily English speaking, family.
I am a single Mom or Dad or same sex couple, can I still host a student?
 The application process is open to anyone that wishes to apply.

What is the monthly stipend?

$1,200.00 per month as of July 1, 2024.

What if there is a problem or concern?
Please contact the Homestay Manager as soon as possible.
When do the students arrive?

Arrival dates and times are not set in stone. Students typically arrive up to one week prior to the start of their school experience. 

How long will the student stay with us?

It depends on the student and host family. Depending on the program the student is signed up for, they could be with the host family for three months to three years.

This is discussed in advance with the host family. The homestay program works with the family if a student requests to extend their stay.

Should we give the student house rules?

Yes. We encourage families to provide reasonable written house rules. This should be done during a student’s moving in period. Suggestions for positive homestay experience can be found in the International Student Program Homestay Booklet.

What if the student damages something in our home?

This seldom happens, but if it does we will mediate with the host family and the student to resolve the problem. Everyday wear and tear is not considered damage.

Do we have to provide internet access?

Yes. Most students require internet access for school assignments and to keep in touch with their family and friends in their home country. Please make sure your internet plan includes unlimited data. You may want to put parental locks or set up scheduled times for internet use. You don't want your student up all night on the internet when they should be sleeping.

Is it okay to have students share a room?

No. Each student needs their own private room. The only exception is for short term group programs.

Can I choose to have a female or male student?

Is it okay to host boys and girls in the same house?

This is at the discretion of the Homestay Manager in consultation with the Homestay family.

Do I have to pay for my student's bus pass?

No. The student is responsible to buy a Kamloops bus pass. Bus passes can be purchased at the customer service desk of most grocery stores.

Do I have to pay for my student's phone?

No. Your student is responsible to have a phone for use in Canada. There should be prompt communication between the two of you at all times.

Is there medical coverage for our students?

All students have medical coverage. Documentation will be provided to students upon their arrival.

Can we take our student camping? Or on vacation?

Yes. Please let the Homestay Manager know your plans for travel with your student outside of Kamloops.

Can a student travel outside of Kamloops without homestay or program personnel?

Yes. Student travel outside of Kamloops must be pre-approved by submitting the travel consent form two weeks in advance of travel.
Am I required to pay for extra-curricular activities for my student?

No. The majority of school fees are covered by the International Program. Students are responsible for travel costs associated with school teams and clubs

My student does not have any winter clothing or ski/snowboard equipment. Am I responsible to buy this for them?

No. This is your student’s responsibility. However, we appreciate if you can assist your student with shopping or finding the items they need.

My student is requesting me to buy more meat products and/or supplements for his/her meals. What is our responsibilities?

When a student is asking for a different meal plan than what your family typically provides it is a suggested that you take your student shopping so they may purchase specific food items for themselves.

Am I responsible for the purchase of my student’s personal hygiene products?

No. However, please provide basic supplies such as toilet paper and tissues.

Can I ask my student to help around the house?

Yes. Your student has become part of your family, so it is reasonable to request them to keep their bedroom clean and neat, change their bed sheets, put out their garbage, do their laundry, and to keep the bathroom they use neat and clean.

Should we be making sure our student do their homework, and set up teacher appointments as well?

Your students should be able to manage their course load on their own.

It is reasonable to ask if your student has homework or how school is going or if they need help with anything. However, you do not have to watch over them and make sure their school work is done.

You do not need to book appointments or attend parent/teacher interviews regarding your student's courses unless your student requests this.

Our Program Coordinator, in consultation with the District Principal of International Education, regularly reviews academic and social/emotional concerns for students and acts accordingly.

My student has become a bit withdrawn, and spending all his/her time in their bedroom or out with friends. What should we do?

They may be feeling a bit homesick and are more comfortable with friends than they are with their Homestay. Suggestion; try to include them more into your daily routine but don’t be pushy. Please communicate any ongoing concerns with the Homestay Manager.

What is the Drug and Alcohol Policy for International Students?

Students must follow the school district drug and alcohol policy as part of the International Student Program.

I have a family emergency or a planned vacation and will be away for a period of time. What do I do with my student (s)?

 Please contact the Homestay Manager for assistance

What if the homestay placement is not working?

It is possible that a student is unable to adopt to a particular family's style, or vice versa. At times, altered circumstances in the family make participation in the homestay program no longer desirable. If a homestay placement is not successful from either the host's or the student's point of view after everyone has tried their best, a replacement setting will be found at the earliest moment possible. Many hosts initially envision a cultural exchange that is exciting and informative. Although this is usually the case, hosts and students can also experience clashes in culture or lifestyle. Problems and conflict happen in all families. It is very important to communicate any difficulties to the homestay manager as early as possible. Challenges can often be rectified with early information.


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