ISP Special Update - Coronavirus


Homestay Families and Agents

Even with low-risk, students, staff, and families are being advised to follow the hygienic practices as they would in cold and flu season including proper hand-washing, staying home when sick and covering coughs and sneezes. 

Students may experience varied reactions to this type of situation,  including trouble sleeping, concentrating or listening. Students may become more irritable, sad, angry, or worried as they think about what is happening around the globe or even in their home country. To ensure the emotional well-being of our students in this concerning situation supports and counselling will be available to students as needed. 

The first important step to support your student during a situation is to listen and pay attention to what they say and how they act. Remember that they may also show their feelings in nonverbal ways.  Listen, observe, and note any changes in behavior.

Kamloops-Thompson International Student Program will continue to monitor this situation closely to ensure the safety of our students.  We will provide updates to you as they are available.  Please reach out to District Principal Kent Brewer by email or at 778-471-6075, if you have any concerns.

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