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Yumeko (Studied at Sa-Hali) - Japan
In 2011, I came to Kamloops. I was really nervous at first however I was full of excitement at the same time. I have had a great time here in Kamloops. The best thing I had was my host family. I am very certain that I had the best host family in the world. They are loving, caring, supportive and entertaining.

Alyssa, the host mom, is one of my ideal women in this world. When I once had a hard time at school, she helped me out a lot. I love her so much and she loves me like I was her own daughter.  In fact, she introduces me as her own daughter to all her friends.


Amalia (Studied at NorKam) - Brazil
I enjoyed the time that I spent here in Canada a lot. I liked all the activities form the international program. I loved NorKam and I would love to stay more but unfortunately I have to leave. My host family is the best ever. I liked them a lot.

Staying here made me realize how independent I can be. I’m leaving Kamloops and leaving a big friend that I met here. I will definitely recommend the program to other students.

I would like to thank everybody involved in this program; this was the best experience ever!


Azusa (Studied at NorKam) - Japan
I want to live in Canada after I start working and get married because I love Canada, Canadians, and everything of Canada.

I think most Canadian people are kind and friendly. In Japan, most people is also kind but their face is so serious, no smiling. But Canadian people’s face looks happy and they say “Hi” to me. That makes me happy.

And I like Canadian school because I think it is so free. Actually, in my Japanese school, I have to study math, P.E., Japanese, Science… I mean, I can’t chose my class, and I have to put on school wear.  There are many rules. I got many great friends that are Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, Chinese… They make me happy and I like to talk with them in English.

Next, I love my host family. They’re so kind and nice.  I also love both of my host grandparents.

I joined some sports club in my school.  So I got many Canadian friends. I played volleyball and badminton.

I had perfect days in Canada.


Sanae (Studied at Sa-Hali) - Japan

I had a wonderful time in Kamloops. Sa-Hali Secondary is a good school; there are lots of nice teachers and I made a lot of friends. I’m going to miss them. Also, my host family was absolutely awesome! I love them.

I am glad to be here. This one year helped me for studying English. I will continue studying after I come back to Japan. I had great experiences. Thank you very much for your help.


Hugo (Studied at SaHali) - Brazil
I studied at Sa-Hali Secondary and I stayed in Kamloops for 6 months. I really loved everything; the school, the family, the city …

I loved my host family” Peter and Catherine” they are fantastic people, they helped me a lot!

I think my English now is way better than before and I think I’m more independent than before


Homero (Studied at Sa-Hali) - Brazil

Coming to Canada was such a good experience. In many ways I have grown in here. I met lots of people and changed my point of view in so many ways. My English has improved a lot and all the teachers and even the students were prepared to deal with us international students.

My host family is great and I’ll never forget them. I’m probably coming back to see them and my friends.

Sa-Hali Secondary is an amazing school with awesome people.

Marianne is THE BEST! I truly like her. She is always smiling and listening to us (and doing her best).

Concluding, Kamloops has been an amazing experience and I am totally coming back

Laura Mourao - Brazil

I went to Canada planning to stay for six months to learn English and to get to know the Canadian culture but the truth is I fell in love with Kamloops and ended up staying for two years doing the graduation program.

Always when I talk to other people I recommend that they go to Kamloops as an international student because I am sure that my experience there couldn’t have been better.

I have friends in Kamloops and all over the world now and I have a family in Kamloops. My host family is my second family; the connection we have is amazing! I think staying in a Canadian family is the best way to learn the culture and to have a true Canadian experience. The fact is, it’s easier to learn the language being in a family. The staff and teachers couldn’t have been more patient and caring. They would always try to help me understand their course the best way they could, many times spending their lunch hour to help me and other students. …and to help out with my English.

My experience as an international student changed my life in a better way. Even my choice for a university program changed. I thought I would take Engineering but now I am going into a university program called "International Relations".

Most of all, I grew up as a person and citizen of the world.

Kanon (Studied at Sa-Hali) - Japan
The best thing about the program is all international students are able to make a lot of friends from other countries. Actually, I made a lot of friends. Teachers are kind to me, and Canadian students are very nice.

My host family is nice to me. I am glad to stay at their home. We went to Harper Mountain, Riverside Park, and so on. Meals are delicious; my host brothers and sister are interesting.

I think the best activity was the dance. That was really fun. I’ve never been to a place to dance so that was fun. I was part of the school’s volleyball team. We won a championship. I was so excited.

I really don’t want to go back to Japan. The experience I had in Canada will influence to my future life.

I want to go abroad if I have an opportunity. It was an awesome year of my life. I thank my parents, teachers and friends.

Dongxia (Studied at NorKam) - China
What I like the best about the program is that the program has lots of international activities. NorKam’s teachers are very kind to our international students and always gives us a hand.

My host family is very kind and always takes me camping.

I would like to recommend the program to students who are planning to study abroad.

Kyoko (Studied at Sa-Hali) - Japan
I’m graduating here, so I’m going to stay next year as well. First, I really love my host family. They are nice to me all the time. I have fun with my sister a lot because we are the same age. I feel we are family.

Secondly, I like my school too. Occasionally, some courses are hard to understand and to get high marks but teachers are really nice and take care of me anytime.

I took ESL class this year. That was a good time because I still learned and got new friends who are from different countries.

I have decided that I’m going to challenge myself as much as I can.

Jing (Studied at Sa-Hali) - China
I’ve been studying in Canada for more than 2 years. It was a great experience for me to study abroad.

I love my school; teachers and students were very nice and I learned lots of different things from them.

I met so many friends in Kamloops and now I have friends from all over the world. I love my host family as well because they taught me lots of Canadian culture and helped me to improve my English skills.

I’m graduating now and I hope I will come back to Kamloops again. I will miss this beautiful city and all my friends here.

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