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Located in the eastern part of Kamloops, Valleyview Secondary is a comprehensive high school of approximately 1000 culturally diverse students.

Our school culture is warm and inclusive with a strong sense of school spirit and student leadership. At Valleyview Secondary our overall school goals are to improve student learning and achievement by focusing on putting learners at the centre, and by building horizontal connections.

Our School has many different opportunities for elective courses which include things like upper level academic courses, applied skills, physical education, languages, and fine and performing arts, see Course Selection Website. VSS prides itself on offering many choices to our students ensuring a varied and well-rounded education. We also offer many extra-curricular activities including a full range of sports teams, a vibrant music, drama and art program, leadership opportunities, and an active Student Advisory Group.

Valleyview Secondary School is currently undergoing construction for an expansion to the school and this new state-of-the-art wing will allow for even more learning opportunities, including  technology, digital photography, and culinary arts.

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Student and Staff Population Summary:

Population:   Students: 1085  |  Administrators: 3  |  Teachers: 58  |  Support Staff: 33  |  Students involved in extra-curricular athletics: 40%  |  Fine arts students: 48%  |  Trades and Transitions program students: 5%  |  Hockey Academy students: 4%


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