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The district provides students and staff access to library learning commons collections and services. Library Learning Commons programs and spaces are future-oriented hubs of learning innovation and knowledge creation and are cooperatively designed to support collaboration that enriches the curricula. Collections reflect our common values of equity, diversity and cultural identity. Collection development practices are based on the curricular, informational and recreational needs of students, reflecting different points of view and perspectives.

School Library Collections
Library Learning Commons is the physical and virtual learning hub of the school. It is designed to move students to a greater level of engagement through inquiry-based learning and reading experiences. All school library collections can be accessed here. Visit mysd73 school libraries for more information.

District Subscribed Digital Databases
The district provides all students and staff access to digital content for personalized learning, research and inquiry based learning approaches. All district subscribed e-content can be found here. Visit mysd73 Digital Databases for more information.

HGEC Library Learning Commons
The HGEC Library Learning Commons provides staff access to a collection of culturally diverse multimedia resources supporting K-12 teachers with the implementation of the BC Curriculum and Core Competencies. Access the library catalog here. Visit mysd73 HGEC Library Learning Commons for more information.

Locally Reviewed Novels
The district provides a local novel review process, highlighting engaging literature and providing teachers with information to help them decide if the novels support their instructional goals, have literary merit, and are suitable for their students.

Focused Education Resources
As members of Focused Education Resources, SD73 teachers can access curated, vetted lists of resources to help with selection of materials. Visit for more information.

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