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September 26, 2019

Just 17 days after a fire destroyed Parkcrest Elementary School, Assistant Superintendents Rob Schoen and Bill Hamblett summarized actions taken on behalf of the students and school staff, and the whirlwind of meetings and decisions required at all levels. Their presentation was made to the Board of Education at its regular meeting at Sun Peaks Elementary on Sept. 23.

Staff from Parkcrest spent the week of Sept. 9 to 13 at the Henry Grube Education Centre assessing their lost classroom materials, planning and gathering the resources they needed to restart classes. Teachers spent the weekend of September 14 and 15 getting ready to welcome Parkcrest students to the George Hilliard site on Monday, Sept. 16.

“The feeling in the school is positive, all the students seem upbeat as they settle into their new classrooms, which look great,” Schoen noted. “Teachers should be commended for getting their classes ready so quickly.”

The outpouring of donations from throughout the community and across the province have been distributed to classrooms of Parkcrest@George Hilliard. Each morning 103 students take the bus to school from a new bus stop that has been set up at the Brocklehurst Recreation Centre. Each afternoon 120 students take the bus home. The ridership is being monitored by Sherry Kristjansen, Manager of Transportation, to determine if another bus is needed.

Paving was installed on Sept. 23 in preparation for the two portables that are being moved to George Hilliard the week of Sept. 30. Two classes of kindergarten students currently sharing library space will move into the portables the week of Oct. 14.

As Parkcrest students and staff moved into the interim space at George Hilliard, staff and students at Twin Rivers Educational Centre (TREC) prepared to relocate to several locations throughout the North Shore.

Approximately 50 students and families attended the Twin Rivers open house on Sunday, Sept. 15 at the program’s interim space NorKam Secondary School.

The District hosted a parent support evening on Sept. 16 for the families feeling challenged with the change of location. Mental Health Counsellor Jocelyn Campbell facilitated the session.  Approximately eight parents attended, expressing concerns about the move. If parents have concerns about individual student programming, they are reminded to contact Principal Carmichael.

“Classes started on Sept. 17 for TREC, with 75 students attending,” Hamblett said. “So far things are going well, the (TREC) students have their own entrance to their space, a small student lounge, and hot food is being included during lunch hour, including Pizza Fridays.”

To address parents’ and students’ concerns over attending classes in a larger high school,12-15 students are attending classes in an alternate site at 675 Victoria Street. To accommodate these students, the On-line Middle school was re-located to Pineridge.

Planning is underway for the medium term. Director of Maintenance and Transportation MacDonald and Building Manager Jim Mcfadden and TREC administrators toured the Happyvale site on Friday, Sept. 20.  It is expected to take up to five months before TREC and all its programs can be relocated to Happyvale. An estimated six portables will be required at that site to support the move. 

Programming at the John Tod center is going well, staff, students and parents seem happy with site. 

Four Directions is up and running and well settled in at the TRU, United Way xChange space on Tranquille Road. They held a welcome dinner on Sept. 25.

While the focus was on the students and staff of Parkcrest and getting them relocated as soon as possible, and then the subsequent relocating of the TREC program, Schoen said the SD73 machine should be commended for its wrap-around support of the school community and for getting school structures ready.

 Hamblett and Schoen both noted that the seemingly easy transition and resumption of normal routines for all the students and staff impacted by the fire on Sept. 5 would not have been possible without the concentrated effort of many throughout the District and the strong leadership of many administrators. 

TREC Students Begin Classes in New Location

Parkcrest Elementary at George Hilliard re-opened Sept. 16, and the Twin Rivers Education Centre re-opened at its new NorKam location Sept. 17. Read more here.


Parkcrest Elementary Welcoming Song

Parkcrest Elementary Students began their school year again at George Hilliard Elementary. Read more here.


TREC Transition Underway

TREC staff are packing up at George Hilliard Elementary in preparation for their move to NorKam Senior Secondary. Meanwhile a new playground that was meant for Parkcrest Elementary is being installed in the George Hilliard Elementary fields, and SD73 Maintenance and Facilities crews are building a new space for TREC students at NorKam. So much activity and so much that has to happen before Monday, Sept. 15. We wanted you to have a look at how things are going. 


Keeping You Connected and Informed

In the interest of keeping everyone updated, we have created this page as a hub to bring together information we have posted on the Parkcrest Elementary website, the Twin Rivers Education website, and elsewhere. Think of it as an information hub, and bookmark it, because we will be updating this page whenever we send updates to our parents, communities and staff.

The Parkcrest Elementary School website includes featured Information for Parents, Community Support Information, and Information for Staff.

If you have questions about anything related to Parkcrest, please email

The Twin Rivers Education Centre website includes TREC Transitions information which will provide updates for TREC and Four Directions parents and staff.

If you have questions about anything related to the programs from the Twin Rivers Education Centre, please email

Keeping Parkcrest Elementary Site Safe

Sept. 13, 2019 - Selective demolition is underway at the Parkcrest Elementary site, under the watchful eye of a HazMat Coordinator. A consultant is monitoring air quality  and safe work procedures are being followed. For more information, click here

TREC Program Relocation: Help for Parents, guardians and Students

Sept. 13, 2019 -- Here is what parents, guardians and students need to know, heading into the weekend, about getting ready for the first day of school at the new TREC location. 

  • Sunday, Sept 15, 4 pm, at NKSS -- parents and guardians can take a tour of the TREC location at NKSS
  • Monday, Sept 16,  6 pm, at the Henry Grube Centre -- parents and guardians are invited to a parent session at the Henry Grube Education Centre
  • Tuesday, Sept 17,  9 pm at the new TREC location at NKSS - TREC classes begin at 9 am. 

To learn more and to watch a virtual tour of the new location that was taken on Thursday, Sept. 12, click here


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